The jetty is established and its auction sales started in November Year 2000, by raw shrimp and fish supply of 17 fishing vessels.Beside this,20 vessels owned by other partners are also cooperating on sales at the jetty.

Most of our fishing vessel is major fish catching type and catch only 20% of shrimp, and sell those fish and shrimp at this jetty.

The catching raw material  fish (Hilsa, Ribbon Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Yellow Croaker, Yellow Queen Fish, Hardtail Scad, White Pomfret, Black Pomfret, Cat Fish, Thread Fin, Red Snapper, Conger Eel, etc..) and 200MT of Shrimp (65% of Pink, 30% of Sea Tiger and 5% of White).

There are 1000 employees in Anwar Hlwam.