Anawar Hlwam Co., Ltd

About Us

ANAWAR HLWAM Company Limited is incorporated by Myanmar Compamy Registration No. 102980638, sice Jan 07, 1994 100% Myanmar Nationality own private company, in the purpose of Marine Products Catching, Wholesales Market (Jetty), Farming, Processing and Exporting to International Markets at authorized capital value 2,000.Million Kyat (Two Thousand Million Kyat). The turnover value of the company IMPORT (US$ 57 Million) and EXPORT (US$ 1.65 Million), bearing the TAX MMK 5.81 Billion to the country for 2019-2020 Year. The Company head office is situated at No. 584, Hlaing River Street, Ward No. (10), Industrial Zone No.(1), Sector (6), Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangong, Myanmar, with all facilities own of Jetty (Whole Sales Market), 1000.MT Cold Storage and Processing Plant, Ice Making Factory and Shipyard for the maintenance of fishing vessels own.

Lines Of Business

There are SEVEN main lines of Business in Anawar Hlwam Co., Ltd.

(Catching Sea Water Marine Products)
:   17 Own fishing vessels are being run for catching Sea Water Product (Shrimps & Fishes) in Myanmar Sea, facilitate with own shipyard in the head office compound for the maintenance of fishing vessels if any require. There are 30% of Sea Water Shrimps and 70% Sea Water Fishes of catching.
CARRY VESSEL SERVICE : There are 3 Carrier vessels, catching Fresh Sea Water Shrimps and Fishes from our own vessels to the Wholesales Market Jetty in Yangon within a short period in Good Fresh Quality. We also have the service for carrying Marine Products of other fishing vessels from the sea to Yangon Market if require.
(Fresh Marine Products Wholesales Market)

The Wholesales market, Jetty is established and its auction sales started in November 2000, catched sea water marine shrimps and fishes are discharged at Anawar Wholesales market (jetty) and holding daily auction sales for shrimps and Monthly tender sales for the buyers, who export to international market, border trade and local market consumption as well.

Aldo landing of Fresh Water Fishes, not only from our own farms but also contract farms are discharges the harvested farm fishes in the jetty in favor to supply the quality products to the processing plant, situated in the same compound. Any fresh water fish suppliers can also contact to sell their farm products at Anawar Hlwam Jetty.

Fish Farming : Moreover, there are own fresh water fish farming for 3800 Acres in Ma Au Pin and Pantanaw (Delta Area of Myanmar-Ayerwaddy Division), Fresh Water Fishes Rohu/Mirgal/Tilapia and Karala Fishes are mainly breed in the farm.
Cold Storage Processing Plant :

1000MT Cold Storage and Processing plant are set up in accordance of ISO-9001/2008 in the same compound of Whole sales market jetty, which always keeps the high quality freshness being 20m away, short transportation time/cost as well. In Processing Plant, main products are Fresh Water Fishes; Rohu/Mirgal and Katalfish are mainly processed and most of fresh water fishes are exported to Middle markets (Saudi Arabia/Kuwait).

Some partners, who are keen for all kinds of Seafood products, farm marine products processing and marketing to export to International Market Requirements, interested to cooperate in Cold Storage and processing plant.

Ice Making Plant : 300MT/day production of Ice making plant are also set up in the same compound to provide the ice for Wholesales market, farms, processing plant and other customers who need for their necessary use with the facilities of Ice Crashing Service.
Petroleum Local sales : In Oil & Gas business, High Quality Mogas92, Diesel and Premium Diesel are also being imported to Myanmar from qualified Oil Major Companies and distribute to not only Fuel stations and Industries, but also all the needs around Myanmar.

Furthermore, there are 2 MORE ADDITIONAL BUSINESS LINES, going to introduce to the local market needs in the early 2021;