We can produce 1500MT/month of high quality fresh water fish, mainly Rohu (Carp Fish) from our own farms. Furthermore, there are our partners in contract farms system, who can provide around 500 MT/month of Rohu to us regularly.

Thus, we are exporting totally 1,500MT/month of especially Rohu fish to the Global Markets. The available sizes are 1000gm/down pcs, 1000-1500 gm/pcs, 1500-2000 gm/pcs, 2000-3000 gm/pcs & 3000 gm up, as to in large volumes of very fresh quality of fresh water fish, Rohu, also available of Marigal, Katala, Hilsa, White Pomfret, and other sew water fishes, exporting to 70% of our total production capacity per month regularly at reasonable price to our customers in Middle East Countries, other international markets. In addition, we can supply any other available products as per our customers’ requirements in quality and quantity throughout the whole year.

We do hope to extend our fish farming project upon the market demands. Besides 1,500 MT of Rohu exported volume presently, we are intend to increase the production capacity of farming potential fish products (such as Mrigal, Tilapia and Pangush (Basa),…) coming soon.

We are able to guarantee with our confidence upon our products safety, customer satisfaction and best services to our valued customers.